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Hair Warfare (vs. Females)
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For your next undercover assignment,
create a "DOO" that can hide a GADGET or two.
Imagination + Presentation

(1 eTrophy, ladies)


International Face
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Bring it in the costume of a foreign country, PAINTED for the gods!
We want to see three of your BEST shots for your PASSPORT.

There are many shades, but only 1 WINNER.
(1 e-Trophy)

GoldenEYE, BELT & FOOT (vs. Females)
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Serving that premium combo accented with GOLD
Let your receipts tell the tale untold!
Submit 1 snapshot for your tens, and 1 OVAH pose to win!

(1 eTrophy)

Runway Models Effect (vs. Females)
Contestants posted:
A series of 8 pics or movie clips
Bring it in an ensemble fit for a night out at the Casino Royale

(1 eTrophy, ladies)

Body: Villianous Vixen
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Serving diabolical curves that are up to no good.
Models in a Two-Piece vs. Luscious in a One-Piece
(2 separate eTrophies)


Realness: The NEXT Bond Girl
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It happened before, you must prove it can happen again
(pictured above is FQ Tula from "For Your Eyes Only").
Show Hollywood you can be the next Bond Girl,
and this time it doesn't have to be a SECRET!
1 headshot, 1 bodyshot, and create your new character
an ORIGINAL name in the Bond Girl tradition.

(1 eTrophy)


Virtual Vogue in All Gold
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A series of 8 pics or movie clips,
serving performance that drips femininity.
(1 eTrophy)