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Hair Warfare (vs. FQs)
Contestants posted: 0

For your next undercover assignment,
create a "DOO" that can hide a GADGET or two.
Imagination + Presentation

(1 eTrophy, ladies)


International Face
Contestants posted: 0

Natural vs. Painted
Bring it in the costume of a
foreign country.
We want to see three of your BEST shots for your PASSPORT.

There are many shades, but only 1 WINNER.
(2 seperate e-Trophies)

GoldenEYE, BELT & FOOT (vs. FQs)
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Serving that premium combo accented with GOLD
Let your receipts tell the tale untold!
Submit 1 snapshot for your tens, and 1 OVAH pose to win!

(1 eTrophy, ladies)

Runway Models Effect (vs. FQs)
Contestants posted:
A series of 8 pics or movie clips
Bring it in an ensemble fit for a night out at the Casino Royale

(1 eTrophy, ladies)

Tropical Body
Contestants posted: 0

Halle Berry vs.Ursula Andress
Models in a Two-Piece vs. Luscious in a One-Piece
(2 seperate eTrophies)


Virtual Vogue
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A series of 8 pics or movie clips,
serving performance for the ultimate CATFIGHT.
(1 eTrophy)