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1. Neo-Pimp vs. Executive Jet Setter
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With a Twist- Like any true agent, you sometimes need a disguise. Bring it like the PLAYBOY you are, then as
the TEMPTRESS that has ways of making them talk! (BQ in Drag)
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00Sex Siren: Man of Mystery
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Look out, girls! Now they are using the "BOYS" to seduce top secrets from the enemy. Wearing a MASK, you have three pics to prove you can make them all break under pressure.
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Contestant #1: Kenya Angel
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Serving that premium combo accented with GOLD
Let your receipts tell the tale untold!
Submit 1 snapshot for your tens, and 1 OVAH pose to win!

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Virtual Vogue
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A series of 8 pics or movie clips
Old Way in a Martial Arts Outfit
vs. New Way in Cat Burglar Black
vs. Vogue Femme in a pair of Shady Shades

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