"Having A Ball"
by Kevin Ultra Omni

reprinted from CUT Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 4
July/August 1993


As I sit back and reflect upon my many experiences over the years, I think about some of the balls I've attended, and the memorable time share with friends in Greenwich Village. Some memories are sad, due to the many friends whom are no longer here for one reason or another. However, I am thankful to have fond memories nontheless. The balls have gone through a metamorphosis through the years. Most people choose to speak about the negative and sad aspects of drag/ball society (or should I say Ball World). There are two sides to every story. The documentary "Paris is Burning" is only one side. I'd like to present the other.

Balls have many positive aspects. they're like one big audition, where many talents are displayed (i.e. dancers, designers, actors, etc). Celebrities, professionals, people of color, straight and gay, people whom are educated and live "normal" lives, have stable homes and support from their families and loved ones, attend and participate at these gala events. It's sad the way individual were exploited in the movie by manipulative people of power for their own personal financial gain, at the expense of the actual producers. A follow-up documentary is necessary to vindicate the balls and it's people. The media calls it a subculture. I call it a reality, due to the fact that it takes creativity, time, effort and money. Kevin Omni is in the house, alive and here to say, "Get into me, get into us, Ultra Omni... Catch the wave, having a ball, having fun."

The Omni Ball, "A Night of Legends, Statements & Stars Part IV: Battle of the States", will be held April 10, 1994 at the Marc Ballroom (27 Union Sq. West, between 15th and 16th St.). There will be two $600 Grand Prizes: "Space Age Illusion" for the males and butch queens, and "Ethnic Effect" (Chinese, Arabian, etc.) for the females and femme queens. This will truly be a promising event. Other categores are to follow.

Copyright 1993 Kevin Burris. All rights reserved.
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